Clean Water and Natural Environment

A big part of why so many people want to live in South Buckinghamshire is the beautiful landscape we inhabit. Our area is genuinely stunning, with the rolling foothills of the Chilterns, ancient woodlands, and winding rivers and brooks stretching across the constituency.

I am particularly focused on our waterways, and how we can keep them clean and free from contamination. South Buckinghamshire plays host to the mighty Thames as well as a number of its brooks and streams. We also have a number of sites where water companies are potentially discharging sewage into our rivers. I have regular contact with Thames Water, having made it clear to them, in no uncertain terms, that their discharges are completely unacceptable. 

I very much welcomed the passing of the Environment Act in 2021, and the steps it took to ensure that our water companies are fixing the problem for the future. I have made the argument for strong and stringent checks in the consultation on the implementation of the Environment Act. I keep in close contact with DEFRA and the Environment Agency, to make sure that our natural environment is properly managed and stewarded.

It is imperative therefore that we protect, restore, and renew the legacy we have been left, ensuring that our beautiful landscape is left fit for future generations to enjoy. There are a great many fantastic ways we can work towards these goals, and a lot of local people and groups keen to help.

I am engaging as much as possible with these local groups, ensuring they have the resources and support they need to carry on doing the excellent work they do. Last year I brought together a number of these local groups to form the South Bucks Nature Forum, with the aim to share ideas and expertise on how we can protect and preserve our natural environment.

This proved to be very useful with the consultation on the implementation of the Environment Act, where it was demonstrated to be an efficient and useful vessel for communicating the views of local people to the Government. In almost all cases these issues require detailed local knowledge, so it is incredibly important to connect with these grassroots organisations.


Joy Morrissey MP convenes the South Bucks Nature Forum

It was my very great pleasure to bring together partners from across my constituency and beyond for the first meeting of the South Bucks Nature Forum.

With representatives from many of our parks, nature reserves and communities, we will fight to protect our green spaces! 🌳🏞🌺

Joy Morrissey MP meets with DEFRA Ministers

Huge thank you to Minister Rebecca Pow for a really useful Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) meeting this afternoon. Raising issues of flooding, sewage overflow and land ownership in Marlow, Bourne End, Iver and Taplow.

Joy Morrissey welcomes environmental exemplar program in Marlow

Great to see work beginning as Marlow Town Council announces a big expansion in its effort to make Marlow an environmental exemplar town. The program will see further action on air pollution, boosting wildlife conservation and encouraging active transport.