Backing British Farmers

Here in Buckinghamshire, we are lucky enough to have expansive countryside and I am proud to support our British farmers as they contribute to our flourishing farming sector. They work to maintain our local farmland and produce local British grown food throughout the year.

It is my priority to protect our agricultural greenbelt, as our farmers play a critical role in protecting the natural environment and helping to tackle climate change by locking carbon into soils.

The Government recently announced a new Food Strategy which sets out the importance of maintaining and promoting our food security, and the local production of our food. This will not only boost the level of our food production, but also creates more jobs, and champions the excellence of local British produce.

I am delighted to be part of a Government that is committed to maintaining and promoting our food security in our national Food Strategy program. I have been able to meet with local groups and national organisations about the importance of advocating British produce to reduce our environmental footprint, increase our self-sufficiency as a country, and support local families and businesses.

Around us we have seen that fly tipping destroys our beautiful local landscape and can prove particularly hazardous for farmers. I am pleased that Thames Valley Police and Buckinghamshire County Council are partnering with me to crack down on fly tipping and littering in our green spaces to protect our environment and our farming community.


Government announced new Food Strategy

This week the Government has announced our first ever #FoodStrategy, to tackle global pressures on food supplies. This will allow us to:

Back British farmers

Boost food production

Create jobs

Protect agricultural land

Joy Morrissey MP meets local farmers

Good to meet with local farmers to hear their concerns about UK food security and the challenges they face producing more food locally in Buckinghamshire.

Back British Farming Day

Back British Farming is the National Farmers Union’s public-facing campaign, driving support for the British food and farming sector through simple actions like buying British produce, enjoying the countryside responsibly, and spreading the word with friends and family.