Access to GP Appointments

South Buckinghamshire is home to a strong network of GP and healthcare services, upheld by a wonderful body of NHS workers. I am committed to ensuring that our NHS staff are supported in their work by increasing the availability of GP appointments to facilitate referrals, decrease waiting times and ensure that patients can get the best treatment as quickly as possible.

I strongly believe that our healthcare system works most effectively when appointments are face-to-face as this stops misdiagnosis and mitigates the barriers that patients with particular disabilities or impairments face in accessing the care that they need. I have campaigned on this issue on a local and national scale, and I am proud to have initiated and led the Westminster Hall debate in Parliament on this issue in October of last year.

I am delighted to have been part of the coronavirus vaccine rollout and to have secured sufficient vaccine supplies for our local area through my petitions to the Government. Through partnering with local clinics and healthcare trusts, we were able to facilitate the rollout of vaccines and increase ease of access for patients, particularly for my more vulnerable constituents.

Going forward, I am eager to continue to increase GP appointments to overcome coronavirus backlogs and to ensure that our NHS is in the best possible position to serve our local community.


GP Access Debate

Joy Morrissey MP led a debate in Wesminster Hall on access to GP surgeries both during and after the Covid pandemic. She spoke of her own experience as well as sharing those of several constituents.